Authorised Members Contact Lists

Authorised Members are a critical part of the consultative meetings held following notice of a gathering under section 4 of the Regulation of Gatherings Act.

These consultative meetings between the Convenor of the gathering, Authorised Member and Responsible officer Рoften called called Golden Triangle meetings  Рare intended to facilitate the orderly conduct of the gathering. For example by allowing the South African Police Service an opportunity to assess the number of Public Order Policing members to be deployed or municipal traffic police an opportunity to provide notice of road closures.

Knowing the name and contact details of the Authorised Member in your relevant municipality can assist with smoothly arranging the Golden Triangle meetings or conducting follow up where issues have arisen.

The LRC in partnership with the South African History Archive (SAHA) conducted a successful series Promotion of Access to Information Act requests and have been provided with lists of Authorised Members for many municipalities across all 9 provinces:


Northern Cape

North West Province

Western Cape